ThinkPad X201
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Very good user reviews on Amazon
Sufficient processing power for multi-tasking, internet, music, movies, productivity(Word, Spreadsheets, etc), advanced photo and video editing, 3D graphics, virtualization software(parallels), file and harddrive encryption
Memory sufficient for multi-tasking, internet, music, movies, productivity(Word, Spreadsheets, etc), basic photo and video editing
Memory may not be sufficient for simultaneous editing of large number of photos and videos, virtualization software(parallels), engineering and simulation software, etc
Uses conventional harddrive. Higher power consumption, lower shock resistance and longer startup time compared to solid state drive(SSD).
Battery life is unknown.
12.1" screen suitable for portability; too small as desktop replacement or gaming
No built-in CD/DVD drive; Reduces weight but watching movies or installing software from CD/DVD will require separate purchase of optical drive
No integrated webcam; will need separate webcam purchase for video chat (or camera information unavailable)
Processing power might not be sufficient for ultra high requirements such as running simulations
Basic Specs2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
12.1" display
160 GB hard drive
 4.40 stars (53 user reviews)
BatteryNot avail
Other Specs
No CD or DVD drive
PortsNot avail
 4.4 stars (53 user reviews)
After almost two years of use, my Lenovo X201's battery needed to be replaced. However, I was hardly interested in paying the $100+ for a new factory OEM.Anker's product was an excellent compromise. F... After one month battery continues to work well in my four year old X200. I was concerned about third battery batteries, but am pleased with this one so far. I have purchased several other Anker brand... I order this battery the end of July 2013 and it died the end of Nov 2013. Approximately 4 mths. what a waste.... Works perfectly. I was told that Anker was the brand to buy for aftermarket batteries and its has been proven to be true.... The battery is overall very good for the price you pay. $30 for a normally $50 item. After a day's use (after a full drain and charge) the battery usually gets around 4-5 hours of basic web browsing ... It's second product I ordered from Anker, Battery was packaged well, does it's job, on Lenovo Thinkpad x201 gives 2.5-3 hours, depending on laptop settings, So far, I'm happy with purchase.... Came as promised, packaging was super - I'm storing my old battery in it! Installed in three seconds, worked immediately but I followed the instructions and ran it down to a low level, then charged it... This replacement battery works well. I got it as a replacement for a bad battery on a refurbished ThinkPad X201 and it provides around (maybe above) six hours of battery life during use after performi...
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A Core i5 processor is a great, mid-range priced processor for people who use their computers frequently and often multi task. Core i5’s offer enough performance to do stuff like video editing and gaming, and more than enough performance to do basic stuff like word processing, internet surfing, and email.
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The i5 features Intel's high performance integrated graphics in the HD 3000/4000. Most users will find the general level of perfomance offered by the i5 to be an attractive option compared to a more expensive i7-equipped system. It is suitable for All-Around performance, multi-tasking, advanced producivity, multimedia, advanced 3D graphics
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