MSI GS70 2OD-001US
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Wuggee Notes
Very good user reviews on Amazon
Large amount of memory sufficient for memory intensive applications
Solid state drive provides quick startup, silent operation, faster response compared to conventional harddrive
Battery life is unknown.
Highly advanced GPU sufficient for latest, most demanding games at highest settings at HD resolution
17.3" screen suitable as desktop replacement and gaming; not ideal for portability
Good full HD display with resolution of 1920 x 1080
Built in CD/DVD drive; allows watching movies and software installation from CD/DVD
Integrated webcam for video chatting
Basic Specs2.4 GHz 4th Gen Intel Core
5.7 lbs; 17.3" display; 1920 x 1080 resolution
750 GB hard drive
128 GB solid state drive
 4.08 stars (65 user reviews)
BatteryNot avail
1920 x 1080
CameraBuilt-in 720p high-definition webcam
Other Specs
5.7 lbs overall weight
16.47" x 11.29" x 0.85"
Bluetooth interface
USB Ports: 4
USB Ports: 4
 4.2 stars (27 user reviews)
This laptop honestly had everything I was looking for. (Except for windows 8.. not a huge fan)The screen looks great! From playing games with high settings to watching HD movies, everything has looked... If this laptop were human (male or female), I bet everyone (if not everyone than lots of people) would fall for it. It is very slim, powerful, big (I mean the screen), and extremely portable ( easy to... My new laptop needed to have following qualities:1. light2. at least 8 GB RAM3. at least 256 GB disk space, preferably SSD4. resistant to overheating while working (coding/testing, using a browser, et...
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 4 stars (38 user reviews)
Cons: The only issue I've had is the track-pad not working. There is a track-pad enable/disable button, but that doesn't seem to do anything (yes I've gotten the latest drivers. Luckily it works fine ...
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This section offers a breakdown and comparison of the different product lines within Intel's/AMD's offerings. The processors are divided by the companies making the processors (Intel and AMD) then within those companies, a general ranking and purpose is offered for the kinds of processors each is offering. That is, some processors will be far better suited for doing advanced tasks such as data/statistical analysis, modelling, and mulltimedia creation where at the other extreme (toward the bottom of each of the respective charts below), these processors will not be able to handle much more than web browsing and e-mail
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The following games list shows all notebook graphic cards (GPUs) sorted by the approximate performance. The fields contain average frames per second (fps) values for each game / setting combination...
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