Lenovo Flex 2 59418276
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    Wuggee Notes
    Most powerful processor available
    Large amount of memory sufficient for memory intensive applications
    Solid state drive provides quick startup, silent operation, faster response compared to conventional harddrive
    7 hrs battery life is better than average
    14" screen suitable for portability; not ideal as desktop replacement or gaming
    Built in CD/DVD drive; allows watching movies and software installation from CD/DVD
    No integrated webcam; will need separate webcam purchase for video chat (or camera information unavailable)
    Processor is more powerful than necessary for typical tasks such as multi-tasking, internet, music, movies, productivity(Word, Spreadsheets, etc), basic photo and video editing. Could downgrade to save money
    Basic Specs
    2 GHz Intel Core i7-4500U
    8 GB RAM
    4.2 lbs; 14" display; 1920 x 1080 resolution
    0 GB hard drive
    128 GB solid state drive
     4.00 stars (70 user reviews)
    Battery77 hrs
    1920 x 1080
    Other Specs
    4.2 lbs overall weight
    18.50" x 7.40" x 2.99"
    USB 2.0 Ports: 2
    USB 2.0 Ports: 2
     4 stars (70 user reviews)
    12 hours in with this laptop and I am stunned at how good it is. I'm a long time dyed in the wool since the days of Windows 2.0 user. I was a tech support supervisor for 10 years through the coming of... There is a time and a place for a Chromebook, and a time and a place for a real PC. For the user that needs much more processing power and application access than a Chromebook can offer, but keep the ... Own several laptops including macbooks and a lenovo yoga 2. For business, this is my go to. Bulky but touchpad and keyboard do not want to make you pull your hair out and its just a stable, reliable... I purchased the Flex 2 14 directly through Lenovo and have had it for about a week now. I bought it to replace my old laptop, which was going on three-and-a-half years old and starting to have some a...
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    Core i7’s are the current top of the line, out of all the Core series processors. They are also the most expensive. For most computer users, an i7 processor is far from necessary. But if you want the latest and fastest, that’s what the i7 is all about.
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