Apple MC976LL/A
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Wuggee Notes
Most powerful processor available
Large amount of memory sufficient for memory intensive applications
Solid state drive provides quick startup, silent operation, faster response compared to conventional harddrive
7 hrs battery life is better than average
Advanced GPU sufficient for latest, most demanding games fluently at medium detail settings at HD resolution
GPU is not suitable for most demanding games (Assassin's creed, Black Ops 2, etc) at high detail settings and HD resolution
15.4" screen provides good tradeoff between desktop replacement and portability
Weight of 4.5 lbs is lighter than average for this screen size
Good full HD display with resolution of 2560 x 1600
No built-in CD/DVD drive; Reduces weight but watching movies or installing software from CD/DVD will require separate purchase of optical drive
Integrated webcam for video chatting
Processor is more powerful than necessary for typical tasks such as multi-tasking, internet, music, movies, productivity(Word, Spreadsheets, etc), basic photo and video editing. Could downgrade to save money
Basic Specs2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad-Core
4.5 lbs; 15.4" display; 2560 x 1600 resolution
512 GB solid state drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
 3.70 stars (25 user reviews)
Battery7 hrs
2560 x 1600
Other Specs
4.5 lbs overall weight
9.73" x 14.13" x 0.71"
No CD or DVD drive
USB Ports: 2
USB Ports: 2
 3.7 stars (25 user reviews)
I got the light blue 13" neoprene case, and I am very impressed both with the product and the seller! I'd like to get a case in every color!Because my official computer case is very big and heavy (esp... I bought the sleeves for my mac, and it is nice quality. It perfect fits my mac 15". I bought the one with Single zipper. Very nice quality, and it is worth every penny of it. Shipment is quick also.... I was disappointed immediately with the cheap look and feel of this bag, though I should have expected it at this price point. What I didn't expect was a cheap zipper that broke on the first day afte... The zipper in the outer pockets is defective, it runs very hard, it does not close properly and once closed, it separates again.... i ordered a 15 inch case and they sent me a 17 inch. other than that it seems like a pretty decent case for my macbook. just wish i didn't have to make th effort to exchange it and everything.... The 13" sleeve seems tailor made for the Macbook Pro 13" - its perfect. I was also surprised with the generous amount of padding, and the pocket on the front is convenient for holding the power adapt... I bought the vertical light blue 13in for my new macbook pro, the new release summer 09 edition. I'm not sure about why others are saying that it's not a snug fit because it's very fitted to mine. I a... I've had this cover for nearly 3 years and it is amazing. It has protected my MacBook from juice being spilled on it which amazed me. I would highly suggest this case to anyone....
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Core i7’s are the current top of the line, out of all the Core series processors. They are also the most expensive. For most computer users, an i7 processor is far from necessary. But if you want the latest and fastest, that’s what the i7 is all about.
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The Intel Core i7 represents the company's most feature robust processor offering. They are Intel's flagship series of processor, achieving the greatest levels of relative performance. As an excellent all-around processor, the i7 is ideal for enthusiasts, gamers, power users and content creators alike.
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The following games list shows all notebook graphic cards (GPUs) sorted by the approximate performance. The fields contain average frames per second (fps) values for each game / setting combination...
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