Apple Macbook Pro MC375LL/A
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Very good user reviews on Newegg
Memory may not be sufficient for simultaneous editing of large number of photos and videos, virtualization software(parallels), engineering and simulation software, etc
Uses conventional harddrive. Higher power consumption, lower shock resistance and longer startup time compared to solid state drive(SSD).
5 hrs battery life is better than average
Basic GPU allows playing less demanding games (WoW, Sims3, etc) at low detail settings and resolution
GPU is not suitable for demanding games (Assassin's creed, Black Ops 2,) even at lowest settings
13.3" screen suitable for portability; not ideal as desktop replacement or gaming
Built in CD/DVD drive; allows watching movies and software installation from CD/DVD
Integrated webcam for video chatting
Basic Specs2.66 GHz
8 lbs; 13.3" display; 1280 x 800 resolution
500 GB hard drive
NVIDIA GeForce 320M
 3.83 stars (36 user reviews)
Battery5 hrs
1280 x 800
Other Specs
8 lbs overall weight
8.94" x 12.78" x 0.95"
Slot-loading multiformat DVDRW/CD-RW Super with double-layer support - Records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media.
FireWire 800 port and 2 high-speed USB 2.0 ports - Provide quick and simple connection for digital peripherals. Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless interface lets you connect to other Bluetooth-enabled peripherals.
PortsNot avail
 3.8 stars (35 user reviews)
I've been trying to replace the battery in my old white MacBook for nearly a year. It is one of the MacBooks made just before a change in the design, and the battery was so hard to find that many of t... Battery arrived in a nice packaging. It also came with 3 screwdrivers: 2 Phillips, and 1 Pentagon Screwdriver (Useless for this macbook). From all the readings I've done related to this battery swap... Shipped it damn fast. Everything the advertisement said it would be. It's made by Apple so it works great with my A1342, right now it's ready 3:45 hours of total usage fully charged (with 8 tabs in Ch... This Battery fit jus fine in my macbook white unibody (late2009, A1342) ill give it that.**WARNING!!****HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying a GENUINE APPLE BATTERY!**This battery will not charge, at least the one... This turned out to be an Apple OEM battery. It was an exact replacement for the battery I removed from my Mac. I have beeb using it for about three weeks, so far so good.... The new A1331 came with padding under the tape which made it too thick, adding heavy pressure to the track pad. There were no other differences with the replacement, except a slightly misaligned scre... Battery works perfectly. After installation into my MB, my battery indicator shows 100% with 2 cycles on the charge meter. Battery arrived at 80% capacity. Definitely a worthy upgrade.... i purchased this battery for my 2009 macbook white unibody.this battery does not charge.when ever I connect the charger the light turns green and the status says not charging. and now the return windo...
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The following games list shows all notebook graphic cards (GPUs) sorted by the approximate performance. The fields contain average frames per second (fps) values for each game / setting combination...
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