How movies Works

What is Wuggee?

Wuggee helps you quickly find the right product for you.This leaves you with more free time to look at kittens on the internet.

We make money through affiliate programs, so please use the links on our site to navigate to the seller websites. Our ratings and recommendations are independent; we make money regardless of which item you buy.

How Does Movies Work?

Our spiders crawl the interwebs and gather information about popular and highly rated movies. Our computers then process this information, give each movie a consolidated rating based on different sources and filter out unwanted information. When you visit the site, movies are recommended to you based on your interests and what your friends like. You can use one of the affiliate links to then rent/buy/watch a movie. If you are in a country with no providers, you can use Wuggee purely as a movie recommendation service while we work on adding more providers and countries to the system.

When not crawling, our spiders are kept in a humane cage free environment.

Filter and Compare

The Find the Best Movies page has a large list movies. Use the filters to narrow down the results based on your interests. You can filter by Genre, Popularity, Rating, Year and more. For better recommendations we suggest you login using Facebook (details at the end of this page) and rate movies.

If you find yourself throwing up your hands in frustration and muttering profanities because you don't want to bother sorting through several movies, try our recommendation feature explained below.

Get Recommendations

The Good Movies To Watch Now page suggests a movie for you to watch based on a few simple questions. You click on a few buttons and Wuggee will do the rest. You can keep refining until you get a movie that you feel like watching.

Watch List

Every movie has a WatchList button which lets you add and remove movies from your watch list. This is a convenient feature you can use to keep a list of movies to watch. You can add movies you've already watched and rated to the list as well. To access your watch list, go to the Find A Movie To Watch page and use the 'My Watch List Only' filter.

Facebook Login

Though optional, logging in using Facebook will make your recommendations more personal.

We understand that many of you hesitate to link your Facebook accounts to third party services (so do we to be honest), but Wuggee is different. We guarantee that we will never post anything to Facebook or get any kind of personal information. Your friends will not even know about it unless you share the link yourself.

Why do we use Facebook then? Simple. We use it to help you decide which movie to watch, based on which movies your facebook friends (who are also on Wuggee) like or dislike. All of us have that one (or more) friend, a movie geek whose taste in movies is impeccable. By logging in to Wuggee using Facebook, you get to see if a movie has been recommended by that friend or any others whose opinion matters.

Needless to say, this works better if your movie loving friends are also using Wuggee. So spread the word :)