How it Works

What is Wuggee?
Wuggee helps you quickly find the right product for you. This leaves you with more free time to look at kittens on the internet.

We make money through affiliate programs, so please use the links on our site to navigate to the seller websites. Our ratings and recommendations are independently determined by algorithms; we make money regardless of which item you buy.
We gather and organize product information
Our spiders crawl the internet and gather all product information. This includes specs, all available prices, user and expert reviews, seller ratings. Our computers process and organize this information. For example, we identify and highlight pertinent product information, rate products based on specs and reviews, and filter out scam sellers.

When not crawling, our spiders are kept in a humane cage free environment.
Filter and compare
You can narrow down your search based on specs which suit your needs. Compare short-listed products based on more detailed specifications and features. If you find yourself throwing up your hands in frustration and muttering profanities because you don't understand what all the specs and jargon mean, try our recommendation feature.
Get Recommendations
We recommend products which provide best in class features for each category. The buying wizard can help you choose between the recommended products without having to research all the jargon and terminology. It gives you a recommendation along with reasons why you not want to buy the recommended product. If any of the reasons matter to you, click on it to get a new customized recommendation.